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preventing accidental injury

Safe Kids Worldwide is a global network of organizations whose mission is to prevent accidental childhood injury, a leading killer of children of ages 14 and under, taking more lives than disease, violence or any other causes.

 Most of these injuries are due to motor vehicle crashes, falls, fires, drowning, bicycle accidents, sporting-related incidents and poisoning. The good news is that these injuries are preventable through increased use of safety equipment, environmental modification and behavior changes.

Safe Kids has already made significant progress in reducing the risk of accidental injury to children in the United States , the national accidental injury death rate index_1.jpgamong children ages 14 and under has declined more than 40 percent since the inception of Safe Kids. Now, Safe Kids Middle East strives to reach out the Middle Eastern households and trigger the parent's awareness of safety measures they could use to help protect their children before it's too late

Prevention is the cure
It has been proven that injuries are not accidents. Injuries occur in patterns and risk factors can be identified. And, just as for chronic and infectious diseases, effective prevention strategies do exist. Many of these unintentional injuries happen during a lapse in supervision or because a safety device wasn't used. It's estimated that by taking simple precautions almost all (90%) of these unintentional injuries can be avoided.

 Safe Kids Middle East website contains a great wealth of information regarding safety tips and precautions that all parents must be familiar with in order to protect their children from unintentional injuries and provide them with a safer environment.


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